Ceramic Pro 9H Nano ceramic coating technology has developed a reputation for being the best in the industry. We have data to prove it.

Ceramic Pro products have been tested by Standard Global Services (SGS) and proven that the claims are real. Results showed that not only the claims advertised but also the key points about hardness, flexibility, adhesion with real numbers as proof, were real.

Ceramic Pro Products

UV Protection

The test conducted by SGS resulted in no detection of color change when paint surfaces were exposed to UV rays.


Adhesion test. The SGS test assesses the adhesion of coating films to metallic substrates by applying and removing the pressure-sensitive tape. Result: No coating loss even when using the strongest tape.




Once cured, the coating provides protection from extreme temperatures ranging from -50 to 2,200 Degrees Fahrenheit. The coating can be applied in temperatures as low as -20 Fahrenheit. No restrictions on what time of the year is best as regards the application of Ceramic Pro 9H.

Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant

Ceramic Pro protects paint and metal from contact with water and oxygen preventing oxidation and corrosion. The chemical tests conducted by SGS and internally are: 5% salt spray for 350 hours with results of no visible damage, as well as 5% salt spray for 5000 hours with no visible damage.

Chemical Resistance

The coating has 100% resistance against damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals. Once Ceramic Pro 9H has cured, the only way to remove 9H coating is through heavy abrasion. The chemicals tested by SGS included: JIS K5400 Alkali, Acids, and Salt. Result: 5% Sodium carbonate for 24 hours: No visible damage, 5% Sulphuric acid for 24 hours: No visible damage, and 5% Sodium chloride for 96 hours: No visible damage.


In the coating industry, a products hardness or ability to resist scratches is determined by the pencil test. The Pencil test conducted by SGS, a coated panel was placed on a firm horizontal surface. The pencil is held firmly against the panel at a 45° angle and pushed away from the operator in a 0.256-inch stroke. On a scale ranging from 6B (softest) to 9H (hardest), Strong has been tested and classified above 9H. This test method for impact resistance is useful in predicting the performance of organic coatings and their ability to resist cracking caused by impacts. Result: 80/80 inch pounds.


The test conducted by SGS is the ASTM D3359 Adhesion test. This test covers procedures for assessing the adhesion of coating films to metallic substrates by applying and removing pressure-sensitive tape over cuts made in the film. Result: 5B (No coating loss when using strongest tape).

UV Protection

The UV protection keeps paint, rubber, and plastic from aging. The tests conducted by SGS determine color changes on surfaces exposed to UV rays. Result: No color change

Gloss or Color Changes

The coating does not always increase gloss. It preserves the shine of a surface at the time of treatment. Color and shine depend on the surface being treated.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA REACH) tested Ceramic Pro against 144 substances of very high health concern. Result: Not detected in all tested substances.

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