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LLumar window films offer comfort, safety, and design.

Your home is at the center of your life, a personal space you share with the people closest to you. And the windows in your home are one of its greatest assets: full of problem-solving, decorative potential. Our window films for homes help you realize that potential, making every room more welcoming and safe, both inside and out. Imagine the cooling effects of solar film, the stylish privacy of decorative film, or the protection of safety and security film. Then turn what’s in your mind into reality, with Llumar window film.

Reduce harmful ultraviolet rays and protect home furnishings from sun damage

LLumar home window tinting controls the sun to help you live in greater comfort. The sun can make individual rooms too hot or filled with glare and can ruin your expensive furniture and fade your hardwood floors. LLumar house window tinting puts the sun in its place to give you back those rooms to enjoy when you want. Plus, you’ll save on cooling costs and protect your family from harmful UV rays while adding lasting value and beauty to your home.

Windows are wonderful for letting in natural sunlight and being able to enjoy your view. But when they’re not facing the right direction, the sun can be brutal and bring you discomfort from the blazing sun, instead of giving pleasure. Fortunately, professionally installed residential or commercial window film makes this easy to correct. So if you’re feeling at all uncomfortable or dissatisfied at home, look at your windows. Then look for the right window film to fix what’s bothering you: the heat rising in your room or feeling too-vulnerable from prying eyes, or even that afternoon sun is causing too much glare on your TV. Whatever you need, LLumar has a smart solution.

You don’t have to hide behind heavy curtains or room-darkening shades for relief from the sun. Keep your home bright and open to outdoor views with our solar films. They reflect away harsh UV rays, heat, and glare, noticeably improving comfort and helping protect furnishings. Varying levels of insulation help keep energy use under control in any climate, too.

Our solar window films also accentuate your home’s exterior. You can maintain your current look or update it, with options from clear to tinted and even mirrored.

A modern look with time-tested solar control benefits.

Dramatically improve the comfort level of your indoor living space while also making a dramatic outdoor style statement. This film has reflective technology on two sides to provide a high level of heat, glare, and UV control that keeps you at ease in any room, at any time of day.

Reflective technology also gives exterior windows a pleasingly uniform, contemporary look. A selection of silver, gold, bronze, blue and gray shades allows you to fine-tune for the perfect complement to your home’s masonry, siding, roof, and landscaping.

A powerful, sun-taming film with clear evening views.

If you like the benefits of the reflective film but would rather see what’s outside your windows than a reflection of yourself, this film is for you.

Our dual-reflective film technology pairs a mirrored outer side with a more subtle interior side, providing excellent solar control while maintaining extreme views after dark. It’s also able to block 99% of the sun’s undesirable UV rays, keep you feeling cool, and block heat, so your air conditioner runs less. Choose your favorite from a range of soft, homey hues.

Impressive performance paired with an understated look.

Harmony is an advanced film designed to enhance home life, intelligently marrying sophisticated features with a look that’s extremely low in reflectivity.

With a premium combination of proprietary metals and nano-ceramic technology, Harmony transforms your love-hate relationship with sunlight. Harmony helps make hot spots virtually disappear, soothes eyes with glare reduction, and eases concern about UV rays. Plus, every shade is soft, subtle and offers outstanding optical clarity.

We recommend Harmony for coastal areas, historic homes, to meet neighborhood association guidelines, and for homeowners who don’t want a change in exterior style.

For homes in coastal areas and a minimal difference in looks anywhere.

Featuring neutral, warm gray hues and advanced technology, Vista™ Ceramic Film. stealthily boosts comfort and protection from harmful UV rays. It’s an ideal choice when you love the look of your existing windows inside and out, but not the performance.

The secret to this film’s success is nano-ceramic technology. This state-of-the-art manufacturing process applies a whisper-thin layer of ceramic to film, for solar control that’s completely metal-free. This delivers the lowest possible degree of visible reflectivity, plus the strength to resist salt corrosion in coastal areas.

Solar control with a softer, understated presence.

Our neutral window films may be less reflective and less attention-getting, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to controlling the sun’s effects. After installation, rooms feel noticeably cooler, 99% of UV rays can’t harm you or your furnishings, and annoying TV glare is a thing of the past.

Our scientists also say neutral window film provides “uniform light transmission without any strong color tone.” What you’ll say is that with neutral film, the sunlight streaming through your windows still looks lovely, clear and true.

An upgrade to keep winter heat in, and summer heat out

Solar window films aren’t just for desert climates. Our intelligent, low-e window film technology is made for temperate regions that experience all four seasons. It combines insulating and heat-rejecting properties to maintain comfortable levels for indoor temperatures and helps to reduce energy bills all year-round.

In case you’re wondering: technically, the “e” in “low-e” is for emissivity, but we prefer to think of it as an “e” for energy. This film’s power to lower energy use makes it a smart alternative to window replacement.

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