The Tesla Model 3 has a unique back window which extends across the roof of the vehicle. Therefore the Tesla Model 3 has a lot of glass. What makes this Tesla unique is its rear window. It extends up and over the rear passenger seat to approximately the middle of the vehicle. 

Due to the glass extending over the top of the roof, the glass has replaced a traditional enclosed roof. With the roof being glass, even though it has a factory tint, this does not prevent the rays of the hot sun from beaming down through the glass on to the passengers in the back seat and causing discomfort as external temperature rises.  

One piece of film is shrunk to the shape of the glass with no creases or imperfections. Multi Layered ceramic film will help with IR infrared. A clear 70% ceramic film will protect the dash, screen and driver.

The top edge of door glass are frameless so at Ceramic Garage, we take the film to the top edge of the glass, so it looks like a factory tinted glass window. 

Tesla Model 3 car
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The rear window design can be extremely challenging if not tinted by a professional window tinter and using the correct window film.  

The rear window extends to a horizontal position on the top of the vehicle and is susceptible to a lot of heat, so it is very important to use the correct type of film so the glass does not crack from overheating.  

Ceramic Garage of Modesto, CA uses Ceramic films that not only reject heat but also retain heat inside the vehicle on cold winter days. 

Ceramic Garage has been in business for over 30 years so with our expertise we tint the entire back window in one piece.

We carry Formula One Stratos Series which offers the most heat rejection, we also use the Pinnacle Series on all back windows as it offers the most heat rejection while still being safe for the car and you can pick any of the three films for the side windows and windshield.

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