About Us

We are two brothers that are Car Enthusiasts.

My brother and I are Car Detailing Experts, and for the past 15 years, we have serviced thousands of vehicles each year.

Realistically, we haven’t worked a day of our lives because we genuinely love what we do.

Ceramic Garage Inc is a Culture that has sculpted our way of living while influencing others to embrace having a shiny car which has become a reflection of their way of life.

Clean Cars represent the life we live today and how we mean to continue that lifestyle.

Detailing cars was a passion as kids as we ran around our dad’s shop, cleaning cars and challenging each other as to who had detailed a vehicle the best.

Detailing vehicles is a trade we are proud to be a part of that has driven our lives and business above and beyond.

Ceramic Garage Inc, aligned with our nonprofit organization “Living Clean Culture,” is a movement far beyond clean cars. We desire to inspire kids to do the same.

The reflection of a shiny car is deeper than Tire Shine or Ceramic coatings.

Why do we wear our best attire when attending an event or church? Why do we groom ourselves to look our best?

When we mentor our children, we teach them the difference between right and wrong and how to act in the company of others. When someone is struggling, why do we help them?

When unfortunate circumstances happen in life, we share them with others to avoid others from experiencing the same loss.

When we refer to someone as a social drinker, why is it so easy for them to fall into a deep addiction?

Living a clean lifestyle is an inner and outer battle, but the choice is yours.

My brother and I started by taking pride in cleaning cars, which has become a much more significant agenda.

We have created a line of professional detail products we use on our customers’ vehicles daily. They are now available to the public because everyone deserves a professional-looking detailed vehicle.

We have plans for our nonprofit to help people in the United States and the world with your help.

A percentage of sales will help educate children about drug and alcohol addiction and stay out of gangs by teaching them to set future goals in life and how to say No! To bad, embrace good, all while growing into a cleaner lifestyle.

Our Nonprofit “Living Clean Culture” is currently in the initial stages.

Our Ceramic Garage, Inc team is excited about the release of our Ceramic Garage Car Care Products.

You can purchase our wide selection of car detailing products on our CeramicGarage.com website.

Achieve professional showroom results while supporting a more significant cause. Together we can be effective and live a cleaner lifestyle.