Why Choose Ceramic Garage

At Ceramic Garage, we offer auto detailing supplies for the car enthusiast, detailing professional, and everyone else who wants professional results when detailing their vehicle.

Our car care products and detailing tools clean and maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle to make it look and feel new. Many of the auto detailing supplies available for purchase are listed below.

Looking for a particular detailing product? Then type in our search bar for that item to view our inventory. We offer:

  • Car wash soap: Our Ceramic Garage detailing supplies are specially formulated for car care. Our soaps are designed to clean the exterior of your vehicle without damaging the paint, wax, or ceramic coating.
  • Detailing clay: our clay bars remove contaminants such as tar and tree sap from the surface of your vehicle.
  • Polishing compound: our polishing compounds remove scratches, swirls, and other imperfections from the surface of your car's paint.
  • Car wax and sealants: these products protect your paint and give it a glossy shine. Our car wax and sealants help to preserve your vehicle’s clear coat.
  • Interior cleaners: our interior cleaning products clean and protect the interior surfaces of your car, such as the dashboard, seats, and carpet.
  • Applicators: Ceramic Garage offers a variety of applicator pads. We provide foam pads, microfiber pads, sponge pads, wool pads, and many other polishing pads to achieve professional results.
  • Glass cleaners: we offer two types of glass cleaners. We offer our Clarity Glass cleaner, a blue-colored liquid spray, and our Quality Glass Window Cleaner, a fantastic foam spray. Our ammonia-free, streak-free, glass cleaning products clean and polish glass surfaces of your vehicle, such as the windshield and windows. We have a wide selection of microfiber towels to achieve that streak-free finish. Our foam Glass Window Cleaner can be used on residential windows and surfaces inside your home.
  • Tire cleaners: our tire detailing products are designed to clean and protect the tires and wheels of your car as well as adding a long-lasting shine.
  • Detailing brushes: we have a selection of detailing brushes designed to clean hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. We have a variety of wheel brushes for removing grease, grime, and dirt stuck to your spokes. 
  • Microfiber towels: our soft and absorbent towels come in various sizes, colors, and GSM quality. Microfiber towels clean and dry interior and exterior surfaces on your vehicle. So, regarding microfiber drying towels, we’ve got what you need, even an extra-large size, and 1100 GSM.

Selecting the best car wax, soaps, brushes, or any other type of car care, Ceramic Garage’s auto detailing supplies are available individually or as part of a detailing kit, which includes a combination of the detailing products listed above.

So, when it comes to auto detailing, make sure you subscribe to our site to be notified of our newest products.