Gentle Touch Microfiber Towel Wash Detergent | Concentrated Microfiber Detergent Unscented 1 Gallon

$29.99 USD
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Gentle Touch laundry detergent achieves ultimate softness and performance for your microfiber towels.

Gentle Touch formula prolongs the life of your microfiber towels while removing dirt, grease, oils, and chemicals.

Regular washing with powder or liquid detergents harms your microfiber towels and may destroy the towel’s absorbency. 

Gentle Touch is a non-bleach, microfiber laundry detergent soap that offers low foam, cleans stains and maintains towel absorbency, and helps preserve a plush, scratch-free towel for longer-lasting use!

  • Gentle Touch does not contain any fabric softeners.

Our no-residue formula works to maintain microfiber towel cleaning properties so you can reuse your towels repeatedly with the same high quality as when they were new.

Gentle Touch is also designed to remove compounds, polish, and wax from your paint correction buff pads. 

Go ahead and experience our Gentle Touch microfiber laundry detergent soap that’s proudly made in America and is tried and trusted.

Pro Tip - Tumble dry or use low heat to help preserve fibers.

  • CLEANING POWER THAT PRESERVES ABSORBENCY - Regular detergents can harm the cleaning properties and absorbency of your microfiber towels. Gentle Touch is a concentrated microfiber detergent without fabric softeners that removes dirt, grease, oils, and chemicals while preserving the life of your towels.
  • LONG LASTING SOFTNESS AND PERFORMANCE - Achieve ultimate softness and performance for your microfiber towels with our Gentle Touch laundry detergent. Our non-bleach formula is designed to clean stains while maintaining towel absorbency so you can reuse them repeatedly.
  • NO RESIDUE FORMULA - Unlike other detergents that contain fabric softeners which leave a residue on your microfiber towels, our Gentle Touch detergent does not contain any residues. This keeps your towels soft and plush for longer-lasting use.
  • PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR MICROFIBER TOWELS - Our gentle touch formula helps preserve the plushness and cleaning properties of your microfiber towels, so you can use them repeatedly over time.


Heavily soiled towels. Use 2 ounces of Gentle Touch per load. Generally, or light loads, use 1 ounce of Gentle Touch.