Do You Wish You Had the Full Arsenal of Products So You Can Detail Your Car Like A Pro?

Do You Wish You Had the Full Arsenal of Products So You Can Detail Your Car Like A Pro?

Do You Wish You Had the Full Arsenal of Products So You Can Detail Your Car Like A Pro?

Admit it…you’ve wondered.

You’re detailing your car and using the products you thought you were supposed to buy.

And you can’t help wondering…

Do you have everything you need to detail your vehicle like the pros?

Or could it look shinier, and everyone is being nice so as not to hurt your feelings after spending all that time cleaning your car?

Missing any one of these products, and you’re just an amateur.

You’re an auto lover, so are we, and car detailing is great therapy, as well as a substantial reward when you stand back and admire your finished work.

So, let’s make sure you have the right arsenal of detailing products, so you can detail your vehicle like the pro’s.

Let us begin…

The Basics

Foam Cannon

I’m already going to assume you have bought yourself either an electric or gas pressure washer for cleaning your sidewalk, gutters, or pressure washing your car’s engine.

A foam cannon not only makes washing your car easier, but it’s a lot more fun!

All those foam suds! It sure would be fun to take a shower like that. Only kidding?

The benefit of foam suds means hardly any scrubbing is involved. The high-foaming soap safely removes heavy dirt and grime and lifts dirt away from your exterior paint while preventing swirling. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Reducing the possibility of marring.

We offer a foam cannon kit for just $68 which includes the foam cannon, and both the Snow Suds and Hydro Foam. Now that’s a bargain. Plus, you’ll get free shipping with it being over $50.

Before we drive into specific products, sorry, I could help myself. Before we dive into specific products, let’s talk about the basics. No detailing arsenal is complete without a pressure washer, foam cannon, wheel brushes, two buckets, wash mitts, and quality microfiber towels for drying. And of course, foam, which we’ve already mentioned.

Let me introduce you to auto detailing products the pros use because they work. So, let’s transform your pride and joy that’s lost her twinkle into a turn head sparkling machine.

Wheel Brushes

Wheels used to be the hardest and dirtiest part of a vehicle to clean. They always need extra elbow grease, but not anymore. Cleaning your wheels first with our Elite Wheels, then washing them off with the Hydro foam, makes cleaning your wheels so much easier.

If you’ve been having some fun and gone off roading and your wheels are extra dirty, then invest in a quality wheel brush that will not mar the finish but make your life so much easier when cleaning your wheels and spokes.

Brake dust will wash away when you pre-wash with Elite Wheels. Elite Wheels remove dirt, grease, grime, rust, and iron build-up and it does this without using harsh acids. It works great as a prep before applying Tire Dip Tire Shine.

Two 5 Gallon Buckets

Yes, even the pros use the “two-bucket wash method,” and for a good reason! But the secret to preventing swirls from the wash mitt, or microfiber wash cloth is a grit guard. One bucket will contain your soap and water, and the other bucket contains distilled water to prevent water spots.

We dedicate the bucket with water for “rinsing" to prevent the bucket with soap from becoming contaminated with dust and dirt, which can damage a car’s paint by causing swirling. Buckets are affordable and we offer a 5-gallon transparent bucket, which makes it easier to see when it’s time to change that dirty water. The advantage of the bucket guard traps grit and grime particles underneath the bucket guard. Helps prevent marring.

Wash Mitts

The car detailing pros use microfiber wash mitts because microfiber mitts are softer and less abrasive than sponges, or a microfiber cloth. They absorb more water, which allows you to clean your vehicle more efficiently.

Using microfiber wash mitts means you’ll be less likely to end up with scratches and smudges on your car’s exterior.

Now, what partners with the wash mitts are two wash buckets. It’s recommended to purchase two wash mitts. We will use one with soapy water, and the other wash mitt and bucket will be for the clean, and if possible, distilled water to prevent water spots.

Sponges may look soft, but they trap grit, so when you move the sponge along your paintwork, it can cause scratches. A wash mitt has a much larger surface area and can effectively filter bits of grit away from your paintwork, limiting the chances of swirling and scratches from occurring.

Microfiber Towels

There is a tremendous number of microfiber towels on the market today, and rightly so.

Microfiber is a synthetic material made from polyester and polyamide. Polyester creates the bonding and the structure of the microfiber, while polyamide lends its density and absorbency because of its synthetic composition.

Microfiber develops an electrostatic charge, both positive and negative, which attracts dust, pollen, and debris and makes cleaning your vehicle much easier compared to a cotton towel which is a neutral fiber, therefore, has no static charge.

Microfiber is lint-free, ideal for cleaning glass and mirrors and detailing your car.

One of the many benefits of using a microfiber towel is that it doesn’t require much water to do its job.

Microfiber towels come in different GSM’s. This means a GSM of 300 or lower weight and lower pile is less likely to streak or lint on the glass.

Heavier weights, such as 350 GSM and above, are more durable and have a gentler cleaning action. 350 GSM is a more popular weight of microfiber towels for car detailing.

Automotive-painted surfaces that need to be treated with extra care, we typically use microfiber towels with a higher GSM, meaning 360 GSM and above, like our plush microfiber towels. The higher pile pulls debris away from the paint surface and is less likely to cause whirl marks or marring.

Now Let’s Talk About Other Necessary Products

Let’s dive into items for every car enthusiast. We’ll be discussing a ceramic-friendly car shampoo, detailing spray, interior cleaner, glass cleaner, and tire dressing.

Ceramic Shampoo.

Ceramic Garage has an effective ceramic-friendly car shampoo called Hydro Foam. It offers high suds car wash soap, infused with SiO2 high gloss properties, safely removes dirt from your paint while adding a water-repellent ceramic seal.

Ceramic Infused Hydro Foam leaves behind ceramic protection and an unbelievable gloss that leaves a silica-rich film repelling water, dirt, and other grime, keeping your vehicle cleaner and shinier...longer.

It has an amazing green apple scent.

Oh, and did I mention... it offers water-beading properties.

Detailing Spray

A detailing spray is essential for keeping a car clean in-between car washes.

Speaking of detailing sprays, Ceramic Garage has a Pink Guy Detailer that will outshine the competition. It provides a high gloss and deep shine, as well as it extends the life of your car wax or paint sealants.

Best of all, it’s safe on plastic, windows, paint, & trim.

Spray the detailing spray all over your existing ceramic coating and it adds to the shine and hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coatings and waxes. Every car detailing enthusiast should add Pink Guy Detailer to their arsenal of detailing cleaning supplies.

With a spray and wipe using a microfiber towel or cloth, the results from our detail spray are amazing.

Interior Cleaner

Some brands of interior cleaners tend to make the interior greasy or sticky. Ceramic Garage has an amazing all-in-one interior cleaner called The Cleaner and is suitable for cleaning everything from leather seats to the dash and center console.

The Cleaner is a Citrus based formula that eliminates dirt, oil, grease, and grime and is versatile for your vehicle inside and out. 

Say goodbye to dirt, grease, and grime with minimal effort or hard work. Simply spray, rinse, and wipe.

It’s a safe, biodegradable, multi-use surface cleaner for whatever you need to clean on your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, dirt bike, off-road vehicle, trailer, and more.

The Cleaner is the solution for cleaning door panels, dashboard, cup holders, carpet, all upholstery, engine bay, wheels, tires, wheel wells, undercarriage, leather and more.

Window Cleaner

Having an ammonia-free glass cleaner on hand is super necessary! Snag two bottles to keep one in the trunk of your car for quick touch-ups. And it’s safe to use on aftermarket tinted windows.

We’re talking about Ceramic Garage Clarity Glass. It removes fingerprints, oil, bugs, and dirt from all automotive glass windows, glass tabletops, shower doors, or mirrors. It has a streak-free finish without the use of ammonia.

Its streak-free formula makes glass surfaces look spotless, leaving no glare, haze, or residue.

Tire Dressing

Tire Dip Car Tire Shine is a spray on tires shine that is long lasting. It protects with its water-based, non-sling formula, and you can skip the mess while reviving your tires.

It has a Bubble Gum scent and is a non-greasy, dry-to-the-touch formula that is fast drying with a medium satin finish shine and, most of all, easy to use. It dries to the touch, leaving you with the perfect-looking finish and none of that horrible run-off sling.

One-layer hydrates the surface and provides long-lasting shine and protection when applied. Apply with an applicator pad and spray bottle.

Best of all, it provides UV protection! This is a practical keeper in any car enthusiast’s detailing arsenal.

Detailing is an investment.

If you’re buying detailing products for the first time, it’s going to feel like a rather expensive investment.

The cost of the items adds up quickly and will cost you around four hundred dollars for our 2 Bucket Ultimate Wash Kit. That’s includes everything mentioned above, and more. But if you care for your car, which I know you do, and you are committed to regularly washing your car at home, then you will recoup the investment after a few washes. These days, having your vehicle professionally washed is costly. Sometimes you don’t even get the desired ultimate results. Care for your car by taking matters into your own hands.


Turn heads and delight your passengers with a spotless interior and gleaming exterior?

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to turn your car into a showroom-worthy masterpiece, it’s time to try Ceramic Garage auto detailing products today!

Take the first step towards a cleaner, more polished ride.

Use Code CG23 to receive 10% off your entire order. Free shipping on orders $49 or more.

If you have questions about any of our auto detailing products, then give us a call at: 1-800-511-4004. Or drop us an email at: You can also use the contact form on this website.

We hope you enjoy our website which offers a variety of car detailing products.

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