What is GSM for Towels?

What is GSM for Towels?

What is GSM for Towels?

GSM stands for grams per square meter (g/m2).

When a microfiber towel is cut to the size of a square meter, its GSM rating will match its exact weight in grams. Since most microfiber towels are not square meters, we rely on GSM ratings to determine the towel’s density.

Contrary to widely held belief, GSM has nothing to do with the quality of a towel. A GSM rating can only tell you a towel’s density, so you must consider its blend and origin.

Material with a higher GSM weighs more than material with a lower GSM.

High GSM fabric is typically thicker, and if there is a pile, it is plusher. Heavier GSM towels will absorb more liquid than lighter towels.

Microfiber Towel 16 x 16 inch Diamond Pattern Tackles Dirty, Grime and Glass 12Pk

Towels with a lower GSM mean they have low weight and lower pile and are less likely to streak or lint on the glass.

Heavier weights such as 350 GSM and above are more durable and have a gentler cleaning action. 350 GSM is a more popular weight of microfiber towels when it comes to a microfiber towel for car detailing.

Plush Super Soft Microfiber Drying Towel 20 inch x 40 inch 600 GSM - Grey


Microfiber towels with a higher GSM, meaning 360 GSM and above, like our plush microfiber towels, are typically used for automotive-painted surfaces that need to be treated with extra care. The higher pile pulls debris away from the paint surface and is less likely to cause whirl marks or marring.

Several factors can impact a towel’s GSM. For a towel with a fluffy side, the GSM increases the longer or denser the pile. A towel with a border, such as satin or microfiber suede, will have a higher GSM.

A waffle weave suede or glass towel often has extremely low or no pile resulting in a low GSM despite their potentially high quality. Nearly all microfiber towels 600 GSM or higher are two low GSM towels stitched or glued together.

Sometimes the factory will add a foam core or other material layer between the microfiber sheets, increasing the GSM. This is because most microfiber manufacturing facilities have difficulty producing anything over 600 GSM in a single layer.

Knowing a towel’s GSM should help you decide when buying microfiber towels online.

Understanding GSM has given you an advantage when comparing microfiber towels for the right job in detailing your vehicle.

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